Final Project – Week 6

Manchester Digital Music Archive This week, I discovered that Manchester has a Digital Music Archive, a charity that seeks to celebrate music in the Greater Manchester area, along with its social history. A project that I found really interesting from the point of view of my research is their Lapsed Clubber Audio Map. This involves… Continue reading Final Project – Week 6

Final Project – Week 4

MA Project Draft Click to view the following as individual PDFs:– Project Draft– Critical Path– Ethics Review Checklist– Ethics Review Form– Info sheet + consent form for research participants/interviewees I started to think about why my research topic matters – and ultimately this led to questioning what music means to me, and others. What I… Continue reading Final Project – Week 4

Contemporary Practice – Week 5: Thoughts on Ideas

Week 5 Lecture & Resources I particularly liked the idea of “thinking through making,” as highlighted by Kristoffer and Tom from Regular Practice, that Thomas Heatherwick uses as a method that’s central to his design and idea generation process, and also a way to overcome getting stuck in a creative rut. I think there’s a… Continue reading Contemporary Practice – Week 5: Thoughts on Ideas