Studio & Entrepreneurship – Week 2: Business Models, Studios, Estimating, Invoicing & Budget Management

Week 2 Lecture & Resources

Thoughts on Resources & Lecture

My notes from Week 2 lecture, parts 1 & 2.

It was useful to learn more about the differences between different business models – in this case, an agency, collective, design studio and a freelancer. I found the presentations and panel discussion an interesting insight into the assorted challenges and advantages of each model. One thing that came across clearly was that no matter what you are doing, it’s important to foster relationships – with clients, collaborators, your creative network and colleagues.

A key aspect of success seems to be putting in place effective systems to manage your work, clients and the business in general, regardless of what type of creative practice you undertake. I also noted with interest the advice about prioritising wellbeing. Having a good work/life balance is so important, as is taking care of your mental health. After all, if this is neglected, it can have a serious impact on your creativity and consequently your ability to work.

Week 2 Webinar

My notes from this week’s webinar.


Freelancing Females

Freelancing Females is a global network for self-employed women, and a vast majority of the members work within the creative industries. They have collated a rate sheet so that there is more transparency about what people charge for their work and to give a more broad global picture about the average rates for different creative roles.

Above: a section of the Freelancing Females rate sheet.

Workshop Challenge

Final Design

Example costing for a logo design project.

Initial thoughts on this week’s workshop challenge.
Working out a client brief and rough timeline, with initial ideas of costings.

Reflection on the week

Good communication seems to be a key element to the ongoing success of any business venture – be it with clients, colleagues, collaborators or suppliers, and ultimately, there is also a need to be honest with yourself.

I was interested to see the discussion around the gender pay gap that arose during this week’s webinar – both in the wider world as well as the specifics of the issue in the context of the design industry. I feel like we still have a long way to go before there is parity. There’s also the fact that the work of female designers is so often much less “visible” than that of their male counterparts. I have seen things start to shift a little, with the likes of Femme Type (championing women in the type industry), and Ladies Who Design (a supportive community of female designers & creators), so it is slowly improving, but things could be so much better.


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