History & Futures – Week 12: Promote & Test

Week 12 Lecture & Resources

Thoughts on Resources & Lecture

The two case study videos provided food for thought – the projects they reflect both seem to have been very successful in terms of design and effectiveness.

Dumb Ways to Die, the awareness campaign for rail safety (see above) was a great example too, showing that a simple animation with a catchy soundtrack and a dash of humour can be a powerful vehicle for storytelling.



I looked at the wide variety of work created by Barnbrook, an independent creative studio based in London with global reach.

Gothic type with a twist from Barnbrook.
Darkroom, a creative project by Barnbrook.

Workshop Challenge

Below is my final case study video:

Alternatively, click here to view the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFdbyo8mi5c

Reflection on the week

This week’s challenge, to create a video that I had to narrate, was quite daunting. I surprised myself by managing to cope with hearing the sound of my own voice – always a bizarre experience.

I unfortunately wasn’t able to complete the video during Week 12 itself because I had not yet finalised my service design from the previous week, which meant that I lost out on the opportunity to get feedback from my peers.

Having now completed the whole service design project, it was a useful process to go through creating a case study video and I would definitely find it less scary the next time. I can see how this could potentially be a good way to showcase a design project, as it brings things to life and gives them some context too. It’s always useful to evaluate a project once it has been completed.

I would like to have had time to get feedback from Galashiels locals on my design as well.


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