Final Project – Week 18

Sketching some design ideas for typography.

Design Decisions

I decided I would like to present the final designed piece in a 7″ record sleeve and have sourced some that I can use. This way it visually links back directly to music. My thinking is that the cardboard sleeve will house either a zine or a fold out poster. I am also considering different options for how to print onto these and how to fabricate the zine or poster. Next week I will be taking part in a riso printing workshop to explore this as a possible solution for the insert.

Glasgow Zine Fest

At the weekend I paid a visit to Glasgow Zine Fest.

I saw lots of interesting examples of self-published zines and small format publications, ranging from high production values and print quality, right through to lo-fi DIY photocopy printout zines.

I also took the opportunity to stock up on materials for making.

Peer session 08/07/22

Studio 24 Mural

In looking back over my research on Studio 24 whilst gathering my notes as I work on the critical report, I discovered a video of the mural created by Spectrum Arts in 2016 for the venue’s façade.


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SPECTRUM ARTS. 2016. ‘New Waverley Community Mural’. YouTube [online]. Available at: [accessed 10/07/2022].