Final Project – Week 17

Design Development

Looking at visual inspiration, including the deconstructed type by Joseph Beuys, and the style of distressed album art often seen in alternative music, for example the designs created by Hugo Sundqvist for music recorded by the band Refused.

War Music, an album by Swedish punk band Refused. Art by Hugo Sundqvist.

The visual texture of the designs reflect the type of music they make – loud, political and energetic punk rock.

Ideas for final design production options.

Creating background textures

I started to experiment with some hand painted textures, created using acrylic paint and a palette knife or dry paintbrush, which could potentially be used as a background for some of my final designs.

Acrylic paint + palette knife on cartridge paper
Acrylic paint + palette knife on textured cartridge paper
Procuring the raw materials.

Peer session 01/07/22

In the session, we talked about the need to define the key terms in relation to the research question each of us are exploring, within the context of the critical report. So for my project, it would be useful to clarify what I mean by “cultural” values and to make a point of specifying what I would define as an independent music venue.

Visual Inspiration

Visual references include records/music logos, experimental painted textures and different kinds of typographic treatments
Taking photos of interesting urban textures + patterns for inspiration.
Visual memories of Edinburgh by the local community.