Final Project – Week 19

Final Production Risography I took part in an introduction to Risograph printing workshop at Out of the Blueprint (a social enterprise offering print services to the local community) in Leith, Edinburgh on Saturday 13th July 2022. I made a series of 2-colour A3 riso prints (2 separations), using red ink + black ink printed onto… Continue reading Final Project – Week 19

Final Project – Week 17

Design Development Creating background textures Peer session 01/07/22 In the session, we talked about the need to define the key terms in relation to the research question each of us are exploring, within the context of the critical report. So for my project, it would be useful to clarify what I mean by “cultural” values… Continue reading Final Project – Week 17

Final Project – Week 16

Writing and Reviewing This week was largely a week of consolidating, reviewing my written work and research to date, as well as working on fleshing out the writing of my critical report. Design Tests I worked on testing out some ideas for my final design, using a mixture of analogue and digital media/production methods. Peer… Continue reading Final Project – Week 16

Final Project – Week 15

Edinburgh Zine Library This week, for inspriation, I visited the Edinburgh Zine Library, housed in a section of the city’s Art & Design Library within the Central Library building on George IV Bridge. A Drama in Time Underneath a railway bridge on Edinburgh’s Calton Road is the unlikely home of an illuminated neon artwork called… Continue reading Final Project – Week 15

Final Project – Week 14

UK Club Culture I discovered Clubbed – a crowd-funded printed publication, conceived as a graphic design reference book (but could also easily be considered a deluxe coffee table book) which celebrates the visual side of UK club culture, and features flyers from iconic British clubs such as the Haçienda in Manchester, Cream and the Ministry… Continue reading Final Project – Week 14

Final Project – Week 13

Berlin Study Trip Taking part in the MA Graphic Design study trip to Berlin provided a fresh dose of inspiration for my final major project. Patrick Thomas introduced us to the Open Collab workshop and explained how it works before letting me and my fellow students loose on it. We collected imagery around Berlin and… Continue reading Final Project – Week 13

Final Project – Week 11

This week, I set up a survey using Google Forms to collect people’s opinions on independent music venues and their memories of certain lost Edinburgh venues. I put together the above image for the purposes of sharing the survey link on social media, as I generally find that posts with an image tend to gain… Continue reading Final Project – Week 11