Application & Interactions – Week 6: Brief & Strategy

Week 6 Lecture & Resources


Strategy & Design Process

On the Voltage Control website, I came across an article entitled The Best Design Thinking Exercises for Each Phase of a Project, which provided a useful insight on breaking down the stages of a design project and how to approach them.

Voltage Control describe their strategy and design process.

I also thought the way they clearly explain their process on their homepage (see image above), labelling the individual stages and using visual cues was very effective. Although the image describes a “Superconductor Transformation Journey,” the same method can be applied to other types of project. These stages are also not dissimilar to a typical “double diamond” design process: discover > define > develop > deliver.

Tate Modern: Tate Lates (in partnership with Uniqlo)

In 2016, for the relaunch of the Tate Modern in London, the gallery teamed up with fashion brand Uniqlo to celebrate the opening weekend. This resulted in an ongoing series of “Tate Lates” – a programme of regular, free, monthly late-night events to encourage engagement with younger audiences.

These events, intended to celebrate the city’s creativity, have included artist workshops, talks, film screenings and live music. During the pandemic, the events have recently been adapted as online experiences to keep people inspired during periods of lockdown.

Science Museum Group

Workshop Challenge

Strategy and Project Plan

Click through the pages below to view static pages showing my strategy and project plan. The PDF can be viewed full screen by clicking the icon underneath at the far right.


Click on the Vimeo video embedded below to find out more.


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