Final Project – Week 16

Writing and Reviewing

This week was largely a week of consolidating, reviewing my written work and research to date, as well as working on fleshing out the writing of my critical report.

Design Tests

I worked on testing out some ideas for my final design, using a mixture of analogue and digital media/production methods.

Experimenting with ideas for playful typography.
Testing out different typefaces in Adobe Illustrator.
Creating layered, textured type with coloured inks and acrylic paint.
Making different background textures with acrylic paint.

Peer session 24/06/22

Now that we’re all in the throes of finalising our written work, designing our final outcomes and preparing our various submissions, it was useful to compare notes and discuss how we each intend to lay out the PDF documents we will be submitting for the final major project. We also collectively reviewed the examples we had been given from previous cohorts to evaluate what worked and where we felt they could potentially have been improved.