Application & Interactions – Week 7: Positioning and Trends

Week 7 Lecture & Resources

Trend Research

Asos – Visual Search Tool

The online fashion retailer Asos introduced an innovative feature to their smartphone ecommerce app in 2018 – effectively a reverse-image search tool, which allows users to upload a photograph or image of clothing and utilises AI technology to analyse the image. This data, for example the colours, patterns and the style of clothing featured in the image, is then used to make recommendations of similar items from the Asos online catalogue.

“All you need to do is upload a picture from your photo library or snap one and we’ll do the rest. We’ll help you find the product in the picture, or recommend something similar.” (Asos 2021)

A demo of using the Style Match feature on the Asos (UK) iOS app.
I used a screengrab from a different online retailer (Killstar) in the image search, Asos results are shown on the far right.

This is interesting, because it uses technology to tap into the trend for consumers wanting to sartorially emulate street style, their favourite celebrities or “influencers” – and presumably can potentially increase online sales. Something similar, harnessing artificial intelligence to analyse images submitted by a user, could potentially be used to bring up results from the Science Museum’s digital collections.

Generative Design

Robots as creators

Exhibition view from Artistes et Robots. Exhibition design by Studio Automatico.

Workshop Challenge

Mission Statement

Reflection on the week


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