Application & Interactions – Week 3: Development

Week 3 Lecture & Resources


Visual Inspiration for Journal

Beautiful botanical art by Julia Whitney Barnes.

I was really inspired by the beautiful botanical art of Julia Whitney Barnes, who makes cyanotypes with flowers and adds colourful painted details to create visually striking compositions. Equally striking are the “Nature Medleys” of artist Jill Bliss, shown below.

“Nature Medleys” by Jill Bliss, created using foraged items from nature.

I also encountered a really unique handmade zine (shown below) by the Munich Zine Library with an autumnal theme, enhanced by the pages being shaped like real leaves. I like how you immediately know from its format what it’s about, and the different leaves create a layered effect not unlike the real leaf-litter found at this time of year. It feels like visual poetry when you see the sequence/progression of the pages in order.

Workshop Challenge

Journal Development





Reflection on the week

Some thoughts on using an autoethnographical approach.

– Therapy: Writing/designing/creating/making personal work can be a way for us to make sense of ourselves and our experiences – these personal narratives can be therapeutic, both for the “author” (or participant/storyteller) and the “reader” (or audience). (Ellis et al. 2011)
– Ideally aim to be evocative and engaging, telling a visual story with a sense of narrative.
– Considering how my personal experience compares to that of others.
– The pandemic is something that could be described as a collective experience, though the way it has affected the lives of individuals varies, depending on personal circumstances.


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