Final Project – Week 11

This week, I set up a survey using Google Forms to collect people’s opinions on independent music venues and their memories of certain lost Edinburgh venues. I put together the above image for the purposes of sharing the survey link on social media, as I generally find that posts with an image tend to gain… Continue reading Final Project – Week 11

Final Project – Week 8

Industry Panel Review 18/03/2022 The panel review was a really useful opportunity to present a brief summary of my MA final project and research and get some feedback from an external creative practitioner. The panellist assigned to my group was Peony Gent, an illustrator, artist and lecturer based in London. I was interested to discover… Continue reading Final Project – Week 8

Final Project – Week 7

Project Trailer & Summary (for Week 8 Panel Review) Research on Studio 24 38 Degrees Petition I found an online petition that was started by Leigtha Greenshields in 2017 when the closure of Studio 24 was announced. It gained a considerable number of signatures and the comments are a testament to how much of a… Continue reading Final Project – Week 7

Final Project – Week 5

Phase 2: Define, Test & Prepare Reflections on Music I’m still exploring the potential outputs for my project so it was useful to chat through some of the options for this, as well as different approaches I could take to gathering information/research in my tutorial session this week. Pilot Study Initial Interview 27/01/22 This week… Continue reading Final Project – Week 5

Final Project – Week 4

MA Project Draft Click to view the following as individual PDFs:– Project Draft– Critical Path– Ethics Review Checklist– Ethics Review Form– Info sheet + consent form for research participants/interviewees I started to think about why my research topic matters – and ultimately this led to questioning what music means to me, and others. What I… Continue reading Final Project – Week 4

Final Project – Week 3

This week, after some contemplation and absorbing the findings from my initial research so far, I decided to adjust my research question slightly to be: What is the impact of independent music venue closures on the grassroots music scene in Edinburgh? I feel that by being more specific, this should help to focus the direction… Continue reading Final Project – Week 3